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For over 25 years, Build the Out-of-School Time Network (BOSTnet) has developed educators and strengthened out-of-school time, early childhood and family care programs. By partnering with the United Way, the National After School Association, and other organizations, we create and offer high impact training and resources to build quality programs for children and families. Our services are guided by our mission:

To enhance the quality and increase the capacity of the out-of-school time field.


What Should We Do with Summer Vacation?

Maryellen Coffey, BOSTnet’s Executive Director, joined host Sacha Pfeiffer in the WBUR studios for Radio Boston on August 21. Hear her explore the issue of summer learning with Jennifer Davis, Co-Founder and President of the National Center for Time and Learning and Mass2020.

Here’s an excerpt of what Maryellen had to say:

[W]e see summer programs as a great opportunity to infuse literacy and to augment the approach to education. Not to continue school, but to make sure the programs are delivering high-quality, high-impact learning opportunities for kids while they’re there over the course of ten hours a day, often, over eight weeks.


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