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Course Eligible for 10 hours and 1.0 CEU, approved through Mass. EECThisHorseshoe magnet course provides knowledge and skills in supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) infusion throughout Out-of-School (OST) environments. Administrators learn about  Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, Universal Design for Learning , Thematic Curriculum and Project-Based Learning and explore strategies to implement improved lesson planning and instructional practice, creating a shift in policies and programmatic culture to develop a STEM-empowered program.

Explore technology to build systems that will ensure the program is meeting EEC requirements and making progress in the QRIS system. Best practices in data collection and record keeping for effective system building will be highlighted, as well as key concerns relating to confidentiality. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using technology to build effective systems to support program operations and share educational resources.

Social Emotional Learning

Free Bee

Looking to incorporate social emotional learning (SEL) activities in your program but don't know where to start? Create intentional SEL activities using the research validated SAFE-R method.

The course is also packed with many of the  best free SEL activities from leading initiatives around the country and other resources.

Completion of this course includes a certificate eligible for 3 hours of professional development.

Social Emotional Learning

Learn foundations of child development and understand the causes behind difficult behavior. Explore tools for positive and beneficial communications, interactions, and relationships.  Learn to build a positive peer culture and create and implement a positive behavior management system.  Motivate positive behavior in children exhibiting challenging behaviors. Learn concrete tools to promote positive behavior and positive communications.  Learn about conflict resolution and mediation techniques.  This training course is experiential with many opportunities to observe and practice new skills.

Social Emotional Learning

Free Bee 1 Hour or Less

This is a replay of a 30 minute webinar on Self-Awareness from February 15, 2017.

Includes the video replay, slides, and resources that we mention.  Use it yourself or leverage the materials for training with your staff!

Explore how business concepts and planning techniques can be used to make your program flourish. Learn how to critically analyze your program’s strengths and weaknesses, designate resources to make the greatest impact, and develop budgeting tools. Walk away with a set of tangible tools to manage your program more strategically. This course is for OST Directors that oversee every day operations and programming..

This training is for Directors, Supervisors, and managers.  Craft staff IPDPs (Individual Professional Development Plans) that align to QRIS requirements.  Discover strategies for conducting IPDP meetings and creating IPDPs that empower staff to reach professional development goals as well as motivating staff to work toward program improvement goals. Craft a plan for collaborative IPDP creation and implementation and staff motivation.

Introduces participants to EEC’s Continuous Quality Improvement plan and provides knowledge about how it aligns to QRIS standards and measurement tools. Participants will practice setting goals and creating effective action steps. We will explore strategies for mentoring staff and involving the whole team in a culture of continuous quality improvement. This course is for OST Directors that oversee every day operations and programming.

STEM Course

This 2 hour STEM course provides knowledge and skills in supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) infusion throughout Out-of-School (OST) environments. Educators learn to support STEM skill development through active, engaging, and fun approaches to each topic, while aligning to the MA-CF and engaging best practices such as ULD and TC/PBL.

Diverse Families

Build on existing relationships with families, forge stronger links with schools, and connect with community resources. Explore ways to build connections between stakeholders and strengthen the program's role as a center of the local community. 

Develop your knowledge about  working with children who are experiencing the unique challenges associated withChildren ADHD.  Learn about the diagnosis and common symptoms, as well as concrete, specific strategies, tools, and activities to support children with ADHD.  Overcome frustration, resistance, and poor self-esteem; build tools for focus, calmness, and success.  Build an understanding of the unique challenges faced by families with a child who has ADHD and connect to, dialog with, and support families. 

Boy with windmill

Prevent problem behaviors before they arise, and help children build self-awareness and self-regulation skills.  Make any situation into an opportunity for learning, insight, and growth.

In this training, we explore the causes of bullying behavior.  Discuss steps to prevent and stop bullying.  Learn to create a positive, authentic community that encourages and values communication, empathy, and support while teaching children healthier and more appropriate strategies for conflict resolution.  Discover concrete, implementable strategies, useful games, and helpful tools.  Craft a plan to create a strong, bully-free program culture.

BOSTnet leads a summer literacy initiative serving 2,500 children each year. Here are the essentials of what we've learned over the last 7 years (and this meets QRIS requirements, just ask) . So whether you're looking for a few literacy activities or to design your entire program's focus this course will meet your needs. We explore the aspects of literacy, what makes up oral language, how to modify and design curriculum, and other relevant topics. Best of all, you hear from both trainers and real programs that are in our summer literacy program.